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This website has been developed to provide practical aspects of information which is useful for famers in solving their problems related to agricultural production. The website aims at dissemination of useful research findings and ideas among rural people to bring out desirable changes in their social and cultural behaviour. This is providing a platform for users to interact with agriculture experts directly for better understanding the subjects and sharing important events and news related to agriculture and rural developments.

The ultimate objective is to provide the expert knowledge to the farmers, create awareness about different welfare programmes and encourage them for enhancing their income through betterment of agriculture and allied sector.

In the form of success stories, this website is providing an opportunity for the farmers, who have developed their agriculture through adoption of an innovation or technology, to share their experiences which shall motivate the other farmers for adoption of innovations.

The website shall also help the farmers in marketing, distribution and utilization of agricultural inputs and outputs for proper farm and home management

This website shall be useful for all agriculture professionals in increasing their efficiency of dissemination of agriculture knowledge among all concerned.

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